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The Nova Scotia Health Authority has released a request for clergy visiting hospitals:

  • - YOU MUST wear your hospital issued ID badge at all times.If you need an ID, they need to contact Spiritual Care at the QEII 473-4055 or DGH 465-8472 to register.
  • - PLEASE visit only patients who are requesting you to visit.
  • - DO NOT visit a number of patients in succession or travel from room to room.
  • - PATIENT LISTS will not be available at the spiritual care office at this time however the information desk can provide patient location, room number, etc. for you.
A letter from NSHA Central Zone Spiritual Care services can be found HERE

For those who would like one of the hospital chaplains to visit a patient on their behalf or if they have questions/concerns.

Baptist Chaplain, Rev. Adele Crowell (for the Halifax hospitals)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
902 402-3958

Spiritual Care Office – QEII 902-473-4055
Spiritual Care Office – DGH 902-465-8472
Spiritual Care Co-ordinator, Patricia O’Halloran 902-718-6128

Recognition of service with the Chaplaincy Committee

Chaplaincy 2018

Joao Matwawana and Hilde Carson receive thank you certificates for their many years of service with the HRUBA Chaplaincy Committee.  Presenters and chaplains, Adele Crowell and Ida Whitehouse also appear.
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