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Update to the HRUBA Policy and Procedures Manual

At the June 22, 2023 meeting of the HRUBA Council, changes to several sections of the HRUBA Policy and Procedures Manual were made.

The most significant change was substantial updating of the section dealing with License to Minister or License for Lay Ministry (pages 28-35).  The changes will implement the CBAC Licensing process within the HRUBA.  The new process is more streamlined and integrated and affects the process that will be used by HRUBA, Member Churches and persons wishing to be recognized with the License to Minister (progress toward ordination) or the Lay License to Minister (progress toward designation as a Recognized Lay Leader).

Changes were also made to the section on the Dalhousie University Chaplaincy (pages 38-39), the section on Refugees (page 41) and page 25 of the Background Information for Local Baptist Churches or Faith Groups Wishing to Consider Joining the Halifax Region United Baptist Association (pages 22 to 26).

A copy of the updated document is available here.

Information on all of our governing documentation is available at Halifax Region United Baptist Association - Our Governing Documents (

Encounter with Terry

Saturday, June 3, 2023, 09:00am - 12:00pm

This was our first "in-person" event since the start of COVID-19 restrictions and was open to all interested members of HRUBA Churches.
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