HRUBA Council

Legal Framework

The HRUBA By-Law #2 establishes a Council which has the role of a Board of Directors under the NS Societies Act, the legislation under which we are incorporated.  Subject only to direction from a Meeting of the Association Body of Delegates, Council shall have the responsibility for the operation of the Association between Meetings of the Association Body of Delegates.  The role of Council is defined in By-Law #2, available here, and in more detail in the HRUBA Policy and Prodedures Manual, available here.

The Council is composed of:
     the Officers of the Association:
          Moderator (currently, we have a three person Moderator Team and no Vice Moderator or Past Moderator);
          Treasurer (currently also a Financial Advisor);
     and includes:
          the Chair of each Standing Committee established by the Association Council;
          the Chair of each Working Group established by the Association Council;
          the Coordinator or Director of each Association Ministry established by the Association Council; and
          up to two (2) Members at Large appointed by Association Council.

Operational Framework

Terms of office and roles and responsibilities for the Council, Officers, Committee and Working Group Chairs, Ministry Directors and Members at Large are described in the Policy and Procedures Manual, available here.  Council meets four times per year.

Association Council Executive

The Council has an Executive Team, which generally meets monthly (a break in the summer and more meetings when plannng special events or preparing for the Annual General Meeting).

The Executive is composed of:
     The Moderator Team;
     One Member at Large

Presently Serving Members of Council

     Moderator Team: Rev. John Purdy, Rev. Scott Kohler, Rev. Dr. Raphael Iluyomade
     Clerk: Ann Taylor
     Treasurer: Russell Sketchley
     Assistant Treasurer:
     Financial Advisor: Linda Crilley
     Home Missions and New Membership Committee Chair: Rev. John Purdy
     Licensing Committee Chair: Rev. Darren Millett
     Communications Committee Chair: Rev. Scott Kohler
     Hospital Chaplaincy Committe Chair: Alan Barkhouse
     Bayside Camp and Retreat Centre Executive Director: Rev. Josh Throop
     Nominating Committee: Past Moderator with Executive Team
     Financial Team: Russell Sketchley, Assistant Treasurer
     Member at Large: Rev. Dr. Raphael Iluyomade
     Member at Large: Rev. Dr. Tim Cheprsov

How to Contact Council Executive or Committees  

If you wish to contact someone on the HRUBA Council (Officer or Committee Chair), please click on the following link which will open a page of email contacts for key persons.  An email page will open: Halifax Region United Baptist Association - Contact Us (  Click on the party with whom you wish to communicate.