The Nova Scotia Health Authority has released a request for clergy visiting hospitals:

  • - YOU MUST wear your hospital issued ID badge at all times.If you need an ID, they need to contact Spiritual Care at the QEII 473-4055 or DGH 465-8472 to register.
  • - PLEASE visit only patients who are requesting you to visit.
  • - DO NOT visit a number of patients in succession or travel from room to room.
  • - PATIENT LISTS will not be available at the spiritual care office at this time however the information desk can provide patient location, room number, etc. for you.
A letter from NSHA Central Zone Spiritual Care services can be found HERE

For those who would like one of the hospital chaplains to visit a patient on their behalf or if they have questions/concerns.

Baptist Chaplain, Rev. Adele Crowell (for the Halifax hospitals)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
902 402-3958

Spiritual Care Office – QEII 902-473-4055
Spiritual Care Office – DGH 902-465-8472
Spiritual Care Co-ordinator, Patricia O’Halloran 902-718-6128

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