Halifax Baptist Chaplaincy Update

Greetings on behalf of the Halifax Baptist chaplains. We thank you for your prayers and support during these trying times. We thought it would be helpful at this time to check in and clarify some questions that people have had.

1 Are the chaplains still able to visit in the hospitals? Yes. If we go to see a patient in a Covid-19 Unit we need to have a request by phone or a written referral from the floor. Also, some patients have appreciated a phone call from the chaplain and it was not necessary to visit in person. For all other patients, it is visiting as usual for the chaplains.

2 Are the Chaplains safe? Yes. For Covid-19 patients we don all the appropriate protective equipment. We have seen videos and received instruction on proper procedures. With other patients we maintain social distancing and wear a mask in all clinical areas. We try to reduce our footprint in the hospitals by doing one floor at a time and visiting any patients with droplet precautions at the end of our day.

3 How can you support loved ones in the hospitals when you are not allowed to visit? Any person can phone the information desk and ask to speak with a patient. The number is 902 473-1510. Patients can now phone out for free during this time. Chaplains can relay messages to patients also. Family members can also phone the nursing unit with questions re the patient.

Please feel free to contact the chaplains if you have questions or would like to let us know a friend or loved one is in the hospital wishing a visit.

Rev. Adele Crowell: 902 473- 2220 pager 2385 Cell 902 402-3958
Rev. Ida Whitehouse: 902 473-2220 pager 2395
Rev. Pamela Estey - Dartmouth General Hospital: 902-465-8472 or 902-456-2074

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